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I'm downloading this! it looks cool! but scary.. the little ones was scary too.

please help i cant get off the first text screen that has the story on it

i need to know how to get off it

Got me pretty good, gave me the horror chills, very short but enjoyable horror game.

And when I saw “Found Footage” I had to try it!

Well put together game.  I love the graphics style and the overall creepiness was great.  Thank you for all the work put into this 👍

Thanks for the kind words and for playing. Stay tuned for my newest title. 

The game doesn't start, it gets stuck on the first screen after the warning. Such a shame, it looked really interesting.

You need to press the small stripe below the text.

It looks strong

This man has no sense of self-preservation lol.

I dont know if I did something wrong or.. that ending was.. interesting!

Thank you so much for playing. 

crazy very loud clown...100/100

Yes it is :) very nice comment! Thank you so much!

Amazing atmosphere, great sound design and the backstory could easily evolve to something fantastic. Great potential here! Loved it!


Thank you so much! Those are kind words!

love your game keep it up more plz :):):)

Thanks a lot for the kind support!

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Thank you dear sir for playing my short game ;)

Really enjoyed the concept of this game! Keep it up guys! If anyone is interested, here's my play through: 

Thanks for the playtrough! :) real nice.

Is there a story behind the game?

If yes, could you tell me?

Yes there is. Maybe it will be clear in upcoming games... who knows?

Really enjoyed the mystery behind the game. I came up with my own version of the events lol but still loved the work put into this. Well done and great job with the designs

Thats a very kind thing to say. I love it. Thanks for playing.

Game #2. Nicely done. Intro screen confused me.  But I figured it out. 

Thanks for playing! That is real nice of you. And yeah... for that intro screen... I will make something more "obvious".

I did enjoy this for what it was, definitely think it could have used a little more polish though. Jump scares weren't bad and got me a few times so good job on that !

I made a video on your game if you want to give it a watch :)

Thanks for playing! That means a lot to me!

I loved the story of this and the general atmosphere/setting is super cool. The game design (esp the flashing and the timed ending) made it a bit confusing for me, I had to play it through a few times to get the whole story. Oh, and I am super interested: is there a way to get into the tree house? It looks so inviting :D 


Very interesting video. Thanks for playing.

This was Decent overall as For Feedback:

Starting the game:

Clicking the three dots to start is not very intuitive might of been better to just have pressing any button start the game, or just a relabeling the dots to play or start.


E for flashlight feels wrong, most games have it as F with a few putting it on T, E is almost always interact

The right side of the Car in the driving sequence has some strange lighting issues happened.

Letters when being read far away with the hover over text is somewhat hard to read because of the white text on white paper that it is from, reading the notes up close has no issues.

It was kind of odd to have the game just interrupt me while i was reading a note to start a cutscene that ended the game, I assume this is timer based, it might of been better to have it trigger from leaving the cabin


The intro/logo was a little too loud


Would like to see credits added, even if just text form on the game page

This helps out those who's assets you've acquired, and used.

Also from a video creators standpoint Credits allows youtubers and twitch streamers know that they are in the clear from random copyright strike/claims which is a big plus in getting more to play your games.

Thank you for playing! Very good feedback.

reused sounds -3

gameplay doesnt make any sense -3

random loud noises with no context -4

overall 0/10

Scares 10/10

atmosphere 10/10

clowns 10/10

Over all 10/10. Well done!

Got a little stuck at the beginning lol, but pretty good game.

Game starts at 20:42.

Big Thanks for playing. And Thx for the kind words and great support.

Good game!, for some reason that scream in the end was (kinda) funny

Big Thanks for playing. And Thx for the kind words and support.

this game got me so good with the jumpscares lol don’t think I screamed so loud before! Great work on this! 

Big Thanks for playing. And Thx for the kind words.

Thank You Devs! This game is awesome and scared me multiple times! Watch my playthrough here!


Thanks for playing! :) That really means a lot to me.

Sorry I just saw this! Of Course!

Thanks for sharing! A few of the scares got me good.

Thanks for playing! :) That really means a lot to me.

was a fun game to play the game sound was kinda loud but overall it was a great game keep up the good work 

I have made a video on it come check it out

Thanks for playing! :) That really means a lot to me.

It had a few cheap jumpscares but didn't scare me that much, better luck next time

This game was very short but the story was interesting. I do wanna say that when the story was being told I didn't know how to continue after I was done reading. I pressed space and enter and then realized there was dots below the text that had to be pressed to continue. Also I didn't know that I could just push the door open. I thought it was locked so I thought I had to find a key or something. Maybe switching it to say E to open or something. Anyway just my suggestions! I had fun.

While the game has some unclarities ( E being for flashlight, tasks not clear, three dots being for continiue...) it has a great story to tell and, unique jumpscares and gameplay. I wish it would be a bit longer. Also waiting time for some stuff to happen is wayyy to long so try to shorten that. Good job.


pretty cool little game, some bugs but super creepy! 

Thanks for playing! :) That really means a lot to me.

That was pretty damn good. I really enjoy that style of found footage, where you just wander around and try to figure out the story. Very nice! Thanks!


This means a lot for me. Thanks for playing. You have great taste sir. I will make more "disturbing vhs" stuff in the future... stay tuned. 

I like the game. It's very interesting the gameplay as It's been recorded on a VHS or something like that. Good job 👍

Thanks thats a very nice comment!

Got Me, Well Done...

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Thanks for the playtrough and support.

I like it!!! Starts at 5:10.

Thank you for playing! That means a lot to me!

Hey there REBELHEAD Games,

I wanted to suggest:

Clicking the 3 dots on the opening dialogue screen to begin playing isn't readily apparent for most people.  Maybe change it to "START" or "BEGIN".

99.9% of gamers know F = Flashlight or T = Torch.  Having it be E is odd.  E = interact in the majority of other games.

A dialogue box around the pop-up text will make it much easier to read. Even just a 25% opacity grey box would help.

Good luck making more games in the future!

Thanks for beeing constructive. I will think about this in the future. Thanks for playing!

This was...very disturbing...and I think I missed on a few my bad! But overall this was pretty great! Good job on the sound, look, and scares! 

THANKS A LOT! It means so much to me that people are playing my short games. :) Have a great week!

You're very welcome! Have yourself a wonderful week too! :D

This was truly disturbing, well done !!!!!

Love this game, but unfortunately my pc cant hadle it and got a little bit lag 😥

Thanks for the play trough and the kind comment.

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