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Creepy little dolls got me! Very sad story behind the Aunt. Great game I really enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing my game. And indeed it is a very sad story. I hope to grow and learn more as I go along the way. Since I think I could even deliver it better after a certain time. Thanks for taking the time to make a video!

From what i see and the comments, it sounds like a good game! just hope i dont run into any probloms haha

Played your game, but unfortunately I was unable to finish it, because I didn’t know where to go, mainly because the game is too dark.

If you want more detailed feedback, let me know.

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It has the mood set for sure. Not too scary and I'm not really following the story, but with some work it could be a masterpiece!

Thank you so much! I took notes. After the holidays I will be working every weekend on an update. It will be worth while... Thanks for the nice video!

Auntie's spirit lives on inside her dolls?... Count me in! 

Kinda weird, kinda sad but I did like the vibes in the house. 

Thanks. That is so kind of you. I am very grateful. 

Hey, I tried out your game but unfortunately I ran into some problems:

  • You can fall through the world in the box room where the mannequin person shows up by hugging the wall.
  • There are no options for lower graphical settings.
  • The game is extremely dark, very very dark, it's really hard to see where things are.
  • I could not find the upstairs area for the life of me, I walked all throughout the house.
  • The text goes by too fast, if it was something the user could control when to skip it'd be a lot better.

Overall the game looks very well though and is fairly interesting.

Thanks for the reply. Your feedback is appreciated! I will work on an update where I try to fix some flaws (like the implementation of a brightness option ect...). Thanks for playing and calling it 'interesting'.

all my posts were cringe so i deleted them. this is a scary but good game.

These days... you can never be cringe enough ;) 


Playing with dolls is my favourite pass time.


Thank you for the nice comment I'm glad you liked the dolls.

 wow scary game

thank you for the nice comment. I will try to make  even more scary games next time!

you welcome

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Thank you for this game !

Thank you for playing! I hope you enjoyed it! :)

I really found this to be enjoyable and some of the jumpscares definitely got me. It was a very interesting game. For me, I love how really well dolls, mannequins and ventriloquist dummies work with the horror genre with this being an example of such. I was thoroughly entertained by this!


Thanks for calling it interesting. That is very much appreciated. Thank you for the support.

it was too scary to the point i couldnt play the first part.

Ow, now you just make me blush. Thanks so much for those kind supportive words.

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Haha. Okay... Well I love the fact that you liked it :) I can't promise to make a less scary game next time ;)

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I saw this game and decided to play it because I hate dolls lol It didn't really have a lot of evil doll scares like I had hoped but it did have atmosphere !


Hi, thats a very nice video. I loved your playtrough and want to thank you for it! So thanks a lot! Greetings from D.

This game has a nice premise and in hindsight I loved the story at the very core of the game but it needs some flashing out regarding writing and plotting. I am not mentioning it in the review because I had some time to muse about the overall topic during editing but I loved the concept of sadness that haunts, instead of anger. 

Hi there. I don't take anything you said personal. I like it ;) It is very nice to get feedback like this.
I have taken some notes and will think about some things people said. Feedback is very important!

Kind words and great comments. I always enjoy your videos. I hope your you tube channel grows very soon. Kind regards from the developer himself. D.

Thanks so much, I love this attitude and I saw it on other comments as well that you're very open towards feedback which in my opinion is a great way to get better. Plus, you can simply take the feedback you think make sense and dismiss other stuff, as the creator, it's all about being open without losing your vision. Can't wait for your next game, I'll keep an eye on you!


Yes! Thanks so much. Stuff like this keeps me going. The interaction I have with my players is one of the most important elements out there! A lot of developers should keep their players close to their hearts. I try to do that. Thanks for the kind kind words. Realy.

I tried to download this game about 3-4 times, but every time says "archive is damaged or in an unknown format". I tried to change .rar to .zip but didn't worked. Any suggestion? I'd really like to play it  :c

This was a really well-made game, looks and sounds amazing. I really enjoyed how spooked I felt through the entire game! This is my video of it, please take a look :)

Wauw. That comment tough. 10 points for a mini review like that. Thank you so much!

You are welcome.  It was a great game!

Great game man! Really well polished and the writing is top notch. 

Thanks so much that means a lot for me :)

amazing game loved the story for a short game did all the right things in all the right places happily recommended 

Thanks for playing and making the time to capture the footage. Reactions like this make me so happy. Thank you dearest.

This was amazing and so creepy!! Keep up the great work!!

Thanks for playing and making the video. Comments like this make me so happy. Thank you dearest.

Awe! You're so welcome! I really enjoyed the game!!

This was a lot of fun! So creepy, so spooky, and definitely a game that I can see expanded upon! Great job! 


Thanks for playing and making the video. Its stuff like this that makes me want to grow. Thank you kindly.

Of course! I look forward to future games!! 

Dejo mi experiencia en español. Me ocupé de traducir los textos, los cuales entendí mejor la historia después. Me pareció muy interesante! En cuando al gameplay, siento que hay fallas. Digamos que al final no sabía por donde ir y resulta que el camino estaba totalmente oscuro. Estuve mucho tiempo. Tal vez haya que corregir eso. Buen trabajo!

Gracias por jugar mi juego. Gracias por las bonitas palabras y los interesantes comentarios.


This game!!! This game scared me I absolutely love the scary spooky atmosphere and the dolls freaked me out. This was an amazing experience, and I am so glad I got to make a video on this wonderful game!


The game developer is really skilled, but to be fair, he needs support and he will do better than this I'm sure of that, thanks for developing the game


Well thanks! Haha. You are spot on. I will find my support in learning as I go along the way. Thank you for thr kind words.


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Thanks for playing and the support!

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corto el demo , pero estuvo muy bueno el juego , me gusto .

Gracias. :)


To be honest, nothing special. Game for 5 min, a lot of object doesn't use collison, why? Apparently there is an option to turn on flashlight, I beat the game in total dark. It's more like tech demo or proof of work.

The collision issues will be fixed in a future update. If you have read the control sheet when you start the game you've would find out about the flashlight button.

Sorry my bad, I clicked so fast I didn't noticed the controls instruction.

not download :(


Ok. Could you be more specific?

There is no download button to play your game is what he means. I too cannot see a download button.

Hi. I see thats very strange. I also do not understand why not. I will look into this so you can all play.

I think I fixed it. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. You can download and play now.


It's got some solid moments, but some scares seemed disconnected from the story. Gave me some really strong What Remains of Edith Finch vibes through the game.

Thanks for playing my game. I replied in person on your video since you used very nice words. I thank you. 


loved the concept for the game! i'd be awesome to see a full version since it all seems very interesting. Hope it gets more updates in the future!

Thank you for playing. I hope you enjoyed it. I'm planning to make an update... Maybe... Also chances are that I move on and improve in different a project(s).


Letra muito pequena, jogo escuro e a geladeira me mandou para o limbo. Mas o jogo está bonito e acredito que irão consertar isso e colocar legendas em português do Brasil.

Obrigado por jogar, eu anotei. Eu aprecio muito o feedback! Fique atento para uma atualização. Também não falo português, apenas inglês, francês, holandês. Então não sei se a transelação é possível sem quebrar a autenticidade.

The game's an ok one. I found that, at least for me, the game's play area was too dark. It might be my monitor, but I was fumbling around for far longer then I should have. Maybe add in some ambient lighting to brighten the area a bit. Other then that, the game's decent.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Thank you for playing, I took note. I appreciate feedback so much! Stay tuned for an update.


This was really solid. You should have made it to where a thing of text popped up at the beginning saying how to turn on the flashlight. Of course, I probably missed where it said it. Made a video on it.


Thank you for playing. Cool playtrough. I appreciate that so much!


I don't know if my computer could run the game...I would like to play it...It seems interesting!

I mean,I don't know if it's a bug or graphical issues...I had problems with the game...


Hi thanks for your question and the interest! It means a lot to me. I will post some system requirements with the next update. The game in its current state is maybe a little "heavy". I'll try to add some options for graphics settings. Other than that if your system can handle it you should have a smooth experience. Let me know if therr is anything else. Kind regards.

made a short movie!

Thank you so much! That is very kind. I loved the video!

I enjoyed the spooky experience! It surprised me quite a few times and startled me a few more! Would love to see more like this! Great job!


Thanks for playing and the kind words. I will update the bugs and glitches very soon. Thank you for downloading!

Thank you for making games!

I totally didn't realize that you could click the middle of the mouse to turn on flashlight until after I recorded and edited this. However, I think this game has a lot of potential! I did bug through the map once. I really enjoyed the jumpscares and lore and dolls that were in this game!

Thanks for playing. I will look into that glitch tough... Nice video! It means a lot to recieve feedback!

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